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Beyond Learning Community—Starting in November

Beyond where we are now, how are you being called to care for the soul of your leadership that you might care for the soul of your community?  How will you build the resilience and capacity needed for that which is being re-created now?  Deep down, we have known for some time that improving is not enough.  We must dare to engage our own patterns of resistance so that we might reclaim the care of souls as the art of arts.  The gift of the great pause is that it affords us opportunity to suspend, unbundle and remix.  Nothing is lost, but much is gained, as we engage the new cultural paradigm in which we find ourselves.  Drawing from wisdom and practices across faith traditions, along with best practices tied to the flourishing of community, this earning journey will explore what it means to be, belong and become post Covid.

Flourishing Together—A One Day Training to Host a Summit in Your Community

Thisis a community-based initiative that equips Circles of Five committed to the flourishing of their community through building the new.  Particular emphasis will be placed on the nurture of a more equal, fair and sustainable way of being community, especially in the wake of Covid-19. Flourishing Together  is grounded in the understanding that the flourishing of the one is dependent upon the flourishing of the whole. 

To learn more, please email Deborah@PoetsProphets.net.

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