Leaders with soul bring spirit to organizations.  They marry the two so that spirit feeds soul rather than starving it, and soul enriches spirit rather than killing it.  Bolman and Deal, Leading with Soul: An Uncommon Journey of Spirit

If you have found your way here, you likely have been on a journey.  A journey in which you have struggled to reconcile your spiritual hunger with the demands of your leadership.  Deep down you know that your leadership is dependent upon growing up into spiritual maturity and becoming fully alive to the intersection of your passions and strengths, in response to the needs of community.  But, often, demands pull you in directions that do not allow you to live out of your sense of call.  You also know that your ability to flourish is dependent upon the flourishing of people and planet.  The challenge is how to be faithful to the journey of nurturing your soul for the sake of your leadership.

Much has been written (and studied and taught) on the importance of being physically fit, emotionally healthy, and mentally agile.   Attempts, brave and bold, have circled around the spiritual formation of leaders.  The challenge is that much of the literature and practice is either too bounded or too vague, disconnected from a deep, abiding connection with Source.

By whatever name or experience, you know Source, you understand that the only way to deepen and grow is through intentionality.  Living faith is not an intellectual construct; it is a spiritual journey that involves connecting soul with Source.  Transformation happens degree by degree.  Core Identity, character and call matter and they are formed in and through relationship: with Source, self, and others.  The spiritual journey, while deeply personal, is not a solo journey.  Only together can we build the new.

21st century leadership involves acknowledging the reality that our relationship with Source is crucial to our ability to lead.  We need one another for this journey, companions with whom to live the questions that open us to previously unexplored possibilities.  Across traditions, our respective journeys and faith narratives have the power to unleash untapped potential for the flourishing of people and planet.