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Beloved Community

with Anita Howard

What does it mean to be a just and loving community?  In the 1950s-’60s Martin Luther King, Jr. championed social action aimed at creating The Beloved Community, a global community of caring where poverty, hunger, and injustice are no more.  In the wake of the COVID pandemic and post-George Floyd era, the structure of community is being challenged and forged anew.  This journey explores what it means to be a beloved community today, and steps we might take to create it. Saturday, April 24, 10am, EST

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Poets & Prophets is a learning community grounded in the wisdom traditions.  Our pilgrimages help you answer the call to be fully alive.  The poet expresses what we are collectively yearning for.  The prophet leads us to action.  As leaders we must nurture both, as we lead social, environmental and economic change.  Because this is more than a personal leadership journey, our pilgrimages help us look at ourselves, our organizations, and our communities with new eyes.  It is a journey intended to equip us to answer the call for the collective flourishing of people and planet.

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Our immersions are about guiding you on your spiritual journey as a leader.  Because as much as you have accomplished, it is when you connect soul with Source that you discover the power of full engagement.  As a collective, dedicated to the flourishing of people and planet, our immersion experiences invite us to grow up and wake up in spiritual maturity for the sake of our global community…




Deborah has served in business, taught a leadership doctoral track, and served the church as pastor and judicatory leader.  She currently coaches and facilitates for LeaderWise.  In 2018, she founded Poets & Prophets, a spiritual community for change leaders  committed to the flourishing of people and planet, to support the amazing leaders she works with.   In her spare time, she volunteers for The Pivot Projects, a global initiative committed to shaping a just Post Covid-19 world and Compassionate Ridgefield, a chapter of the International Charter for Compassion.

Contributor in Social Action and Change Leadership


Anita is a university professor, master executive coach, and researcher. Her work at Case Western Reserve University centers on coaching intentional change, emotional and social intelligence, and leadership for the common good/social justice.

Contributor for Sustainable Initiatives


Graham is passionate about the care of people and planet.  Instrumental in founding the Immokalee Fair Housing Alliance, he continues to work toward a fair and sustainable future for all people. An ICF trained coach, he is known for asking provocative questions that press for renewal of both individuals and community.  Having served on local, regional, and national levels within the church, Graham understands the complexity of 21st century leadership. He also coaches and facilitates for LeaderWise.

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