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Stand Up for What You Truly Believe

A Social Action Pilgrimage to Remember and Shape Our Future

October 9 from 9am-4pm, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

Love and justice are not two.

Without inner change,

there can be no outer change;

without collective change, 

no change matters.

rev. angel Kyodo williams

Why this Pilgrimage?

People go on pilgrimage for many reasons. Some common ones are: to visit a sacred space; to seek healing; to give thanks; to heed an inner sense of call; to reclaim a lost or abandoned part of oneself.  This pilgrimage offers the chance to connect the soul of our communities through intentional engagement with one community, whose pain captured the attention of the global community.

George Floyd’s death will forever be imprinted on our consciousness. Living forward, how will we connect with community through collaborative social action? This pilgrimage is an opportunity to reconnect with the soul of your community, bringing together prosocial leaders committed to addressing systemic issues that block life-giving change. 

How are you being called to participate in the flow of energy across your community toward generative leadership and impactful social action?  We live in a crucial season where our choices will have impact for generations to come. Our acts of love and social action reflect an understanding that our individual and collective flourishing are inter-dependent.

We thrive together or not at all!

The Shape of Our Time

Just as you would never run a marathon without training, you would never embark on a pilgrimage without preparing.  Taking a pilgrimage involves physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditioning.  To that end, we offer three four- week workshops to explore self, power, and community.

All true pilgrimages begin with yearning.  For us, the yearning is to shape a future in which love and justice are one.  Simple and profound, this yearning finds its roots in remembering who we are that together we might shape a future.  This pilgrimage is an invitation to discover wholeness born of our brokenness.

Grounded & Grateful: A Conversation with Diana Butler Bass, hosted by LeaderWise, on Thursday, October 7, 2021. 

The Deeper Journey: A Day Retreat with Okokon Udo and Deborah Rundlett on Friday, October 8, 2021.

Social Action Pilgrimage on Saturday, October 9, 2021.

  1. Little Earth, Cedar & 24th Street 
  2. Ground Zero, Lake & 38th Street
  3. Holy Trinity & Police Precinct
  4. The Peace Bridge
  5. Pilgrim Baptist Church + Lunch
  6. Rondo Neighborhood
  7. The Capital Steps

Registration available May 2021.

Practical Details

Transportation: This is a walking pilgrimage.  As such, we are not able to provide transportation.  However, we encourage  those unable to walk to join us virtually.

Lodging: Our pilgrimage begins at Little Earth.  Close by is the Raddison at the Global Market (at Chicago & 29th).

Food & Water: Water bottles will be provided upon arrival, with filling stations at each stop.  Snacks will be provided at Pilgrimage Stop 3; lunch at Pilgrimage Stop 5.

Pilgrimage Flag: Those making the in-person pilgrimage will be gifted with a pilgrimage flag in order to allow guides a way of identifying those on the pilgrimage.

Returning Home

There is a tendency in times of deep change to want to go back to simpler times.  Deep down we know there is no going back.  We know that we cannot change things by fighting our existing reality, we can only claim our inter-dependence and build the new together.  To do this, we need support.

Wisdom Circles—Starting in November

We are at a choice point.   The question is will we choose life that we and our descendants may live?  To do so involves engaging in the political realities of this present moment, not just in the abstract but generatively and holistically.  This requires strong, loving and wise leaders who understand the power to influence and move deep adaptive change.  It requires you!  Next circles starting in September 2021. Cost:$450; to register.

Beyond Learning Community—Starting in November

Beyond where we are now, how are you being called to care for the soul of your leadership that you might care for the soul of your community?  How will you build the resilience and capacity needed for that which is being re-created now?  Deep down, we have known for some time that improving is not enough.  We must dare to engage our own patterns of resistance so that we might reclaim the care of souls as the art of arts.  The gift of the great pause is that it affords us opportunity to suspend, unbundle and remix.  Nothing is lost, but much is gained, as we engage the new cultural paradigm in which we find ourselves.  Drawing from wisdom and practices across faith traditions, along with best practices tied to the flourishing of community, this earning journey will explore what it means to be, belong and become post Covid.

Flourishing Together—A One Day Immersion

Thisis a community-based initiative that equips Circles of Five committed to the flourishing of their community through building the new.  Particular emphasis will be placed on the nurture of a more equal, fair and sustainable way of being community, especially in the wake of Covid-19. Flourishing Together  is grounded in the understanding that the flourishing of the one is dependent upon the flourishing of the whole. 

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