Threatened with Resurrection

There is a lot of other stuff that each of us carry that isn’t visible to the eye.  Every single one of us comes with secret fears and sorrows.  Every single one of us has something that gnaws at us, that wakes us up in the wee hours of the morning with anxious thoughts. Most of us have had experiences that have scraped the varnish off our souls leaving tender places that never seem to quite heal.  We need to have our hope rekindled in a time that feels beset with huge problems that seem to be spiraling out of control . 

Here is the real rub: Death precedes resurrection. We have to die to live resurrection.  And (perhaps even more challenging) are we ready for the transformation born of resurrection? It behooves us to remember that the ressurected Jesus was so transformed even his closest disciples did not recognize him. To be resurrected is not for the faint of heart.  It involves pain and loss. It is death… and then life.  It threatens our existence with a new way of living and being in the world.

Guatemalan poet and activist Julia Esquivel, wrote:

“I live each day to kill death; I die each day to beget life, 

and in this dying unto death, I die a thousand times 

and am reborn another thousand through that love…”

How might we live if we knew the point was not to survive, but to thrive and live resurrection? What might we risk, who might we serve, how far would we go if we knew that at the end of it all we would be consumed in love?

Threatened with Resurrection, the poet names it.  Resurrection puts us to the test. It tests our willingness to move into new territory, to live a larger life than the one we are so familiar with. Death and defeat are no fun, of course, but at least they’re understandable. We know what to expect. Resurrection forces us out of our comfort zone, into a whole new lay of the land.

Living resurrection dares us to ask ourselves some challenging questions:

  • If I lived as if resurrection were real, and allowed myself to die for the sake of new life, what might I be called upon to do?
  • What strange and difficult tasks might be laid upon me?
  • What comforts taken away?
  • How might my life be changed?

Believing the resurrection is only the beginning. It takes courage to say “Yes” to the invitation to LIVE resurrection.

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