An Invitation

There has been much written about finding our true north.  But, what if the longest journey is the journey inward?  What if, it is not a compass pointing outward, but a nautilus that calls us first to a movement inward, that we might move outward with clarity and integrity?

The nautilus has long drawn me.    Symbol of grace and renewal, of order amidst chaos.  If indeed, chaos is the raw ingredient, then order is found in the spiral journey of intention.  This journey asks of us full engagement with self that we might fully engage with our world.

Just as each chamber of the nautilus follows sacred geometry,  so each week will draw from an ancient truth and practice to guide us on the journey.  Just as the nautilus mirrors the Fibonacci sequence, where each number in the sequence is the sum of the last two numbers, we will look at the sum of our actions through the lens of these practices, drawing inward that we might move outward with mindfulness, compassion and hope (to which we add a dash of playfulness).  The nautilus is a logarithmic spiral producing a living fossil.  How might the inward and outward journey of our lives produce a living witness?

The Shape of Our Journey

Over the next seven weeks, we will engage a cycle of call that invites us to:

  1. Release/morphoTransformed Degree by Degree
  2. Risk/kenosis: The Art of Negative Capability
  3. Remember/pisteuoBeyond Belief
  4. Receive/pneuma: The Breath
  5. Revelation/kairosConnecting soul with Source
  6. Relate/perichoresisEntering the Dance
  7. Reclaim/ShalomFlourishing

The Commitment

There is no financial cost for this journey.  Only the commitment to engage the work of soul for the care of people and planet.   The journey begins on Tuesday February 9, 2021.  

Will we repeat the past or commit to shaping a future out of the intersection of personal transformation,  innovation, and systemic change?

Long ago, Dag Hammarskjöld noted that the longest journey is the journey inward.  Too often, we allow our outer life to distract us from the most important work we can do, the inner work that informs the whole of our lives.  It’s time to do that work for the soul of our leadership! Each Tuesday, you will receive a reflection, journal questions, and a practice.   

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About Poets Prophets and Deborah Rundlett

Poets & Prophets is a global learning community committed to the soul of leadership.  Both immersion and pilgrimage shape our work.  Immersion into the spiritual formation of the leader; pilgrimage into community. Whether you participate in our online journeys, in-person immersions, and/or pilgrimages, this is more than mere equipping (as important as that is); it is a journey of transformation.  Our home base is in an historic Meetinghouse in Ridgefield, Connecticut.  Where our forebears fought for our independence at the crossroads; today we honor and work for our inter-dependence. 

Deborah has served in business, on the advertising launch team for the IBM-PC; taught a leadership doctoral track; and served the church as pastor and judicatory leader.   In 2018, she founded Poets & Prophets, a learning community for change leaders  committed to the flourishing of people and planet, to support the amazing leaders she works with.   She lives out her commitment to flourishing through The Pivot Projects, a global initiative committed to shaping a just Post Covid-19 world and Compassionate Ridgefield, a chapter of the International Charter for Compassion.

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