Photo: Jon Carlisle, Labyrinth Walk, 2014

Beyond Mere Habit

We need practices to act as touchstones so they can sustain us for the journey. Christine Valters Painter, The Soul of a Pilgrim

What habits shape your life?  If we’re honest, we all have them: the good, the bad and the ugly.    The challenge is to turn unexamined habits into intentional practice.

A good place to begin is by understanding how habits are formed (and re-formed).  Charles Duhigg explores this in his book The Power of Habits.  He notes that every habit has a neurological loop, which consists of three parts: a cue, a routine, and a reward.  Neurological studies reveal that all habits are driven by cravings.  Habits are powerful.    The good news is that almost any behavior can be transformed once the neurological loop is identified.

Poets & Prophets understand this and shape their lives and leadership around intentional practices that sustain us for the journey.  Research reveals that four core practices serve as a primary means of restoration: mindfulness, compassion, hope and play.  To learn more about how to engage in these four practices and other Practices for Poets & Prophets follow the link.

We have the power to choose which habits shape our lives.

Together, we are poets and prophets!