Poets & Prophets is a learning community grounded in the wisdom traditions. Our immersion experiences and formational coaching help leaders answer the question “what do I really want to do with my life?”

This is answering the call to be fully alive.

The poet within expresses what we’re all collectively yearning for. The prophet leads us to action.

As leaders we must nurture both, as we are called to lead social, environmental and economic change in our world.

This is answering the call to lead change for the one and for the whole.

Because this is more than a personal leadership journey. This is looking at ourselves, our organization, and our communities with new eyes. It is a movement of leaders – dedicated to the collective flourishing of people and planet.



Deborah has served in business, taught a leadership doctoral track, and served the church as pastor and judicatory leader.  She currently coaches and facilitates for LeaderWise.  In 2018, she founded Poets & Prophets, a spiritual community for change leaders  committed to the flourishing of people and planet.   She also works on The Pivot Projects, a global initiative committed to shaping a just Post Covid-19 world and Compassionate Ridgefield, a chapter of the International Charter for Compassion.

Contributor in Social Action and Change Leadership


Anita is a university professor, master executive coach, and researcher. Her work at Case Western Reserve University centers on coaching intentional change, emotional and social intelligence, and leadership for the common good/social justice.

Contributor for Sustainable Initiatives


Graham is passionate about the care of people and planet.  Instrumental in founding the Immokalee Fair Housing Alliance, he continues to work toward a fair and sustainable future. An ICF trained coach, he is known for asking provocative questions that press for renewal of both individuals and community.  Having served on local, regional, and national levels within the church, Graham understands the complexity of 21st century leadership. He also coaches and facilitates for LeaderWise.  



Natalie helps Poets & Prophets to bring a collective voice to our shared work. She brings clarity, flow and meaning… with a little bit of humor!  She believes in pressing questions of reality.  An honors student, in her final year at OSU, she keeps us connected to all things emergent.

Pilot | Photographer


Elizabeth helps people to see.  Both her conceptual and aviation photos bring new perspective about what it means to be in community. She is a passionate member of the Women’s Aviation International, committed to humanitarian aid and flying carbon-free.

Pilot | Music


Andy was born in Kenya, raised in the US.  He has loved planes since he was a young boy.  Now he shares that passion through flight instruction.  His music engages the whole person. As a global citizen, he is deeply committed to the flourishing of people and planet.  

You are a POET & PROPHET!

Connect with Us

Welcome to our global community!  Whether you are inquiring about scheduling an immersion for your organization, onsite facilitation to nurture the Poet & Prophet within your leadership team, a social action pilgrimage for your community, or simply want to learn more, please tell us a bit about yourself and how we can best support you by emailing us directly or using the form below or email Deborah@PoetsProphets.net


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