Sadly, over the centuries, the concept of call became relegated to the religious.  The reality is that we are all called.  Our purpose can only be discovered through the offering of our passions and strengths for the flourishing of community.  It is then that we will discover ourselves to full alive.  Will you say YES?

A Love Letter from Source to Soul

Beloved of my heart,

It’s me.  The one who keeps nudging you about my call for you:

… that yearning of your heart,

… that chance to use your gifts to their fullest for the flourishing of community,

… that place where you heart meets the worlds deepest needs.

I know you think you couldn’t be the one for the job, but if you weren’t the one for the job, I wouldn’t have come to you with it.

I wouldn’t have come knocking at the door of your mind.  I wouldn’t have come into your dreams and into your heart.  I wouldn’t have placed the hunger in your heart. I wouldn’t have planted in you the frustration with what is.  I wouldn’t have seeded in you the vision of what could be.

You say you want to make a difference and to have a greater impact.

I’m offering you all of that, but you keep telling me the vision is unrealistic, unattainable.  Yet, you say you trust me.  Well, here I am, ready to give you the greatest adventure of your life.

I don’t take it personally, but I do weep about it.  I weep for the joy you are missing out on.  I weep because you aren’t fully experiencing the power of the Spirit at work within you.  I weep for what the world is missing out on.

I want to make sure you know, I’m here, close as your breath, waiting for you to say yes.   You can do this.  We can do this. Together, we can do this thing.  You simply need to connect soul with Source!

It’s true, there will be challenges and dark moments along the way—but they teach you the most beautiful lessons you’ll ever learn.  I need you.   I have called you to be my hands, my heart, my voice in the world.  I need your circumstances, your strengths, and even your weaknesses.  It is out of the geography of your wounds that healing might take place and new life emerge.  I need you, just as you are.

Will you say, yes?

To download: Poets & Prophets, An Invitation