Faithful Living in a Culture of Seduction

In twelve short chapters, we are given a glimpse into the life of a highly differentiated man who models a calm and faithful response to the call to serve in a time of deep personal and public crisis. Even in exile, he does not sacrifice his integrity to ensure personal security. And, through it all, he stays connected not only to the Source of his being, but to the people with whom he lives and serves. Consider how Daniel models for us:

  • A life shaped by prayer that allows for a faithful response to kairos moments;
  • Integrity of self, even in the face of strong cultural pressure to conform;
  • A turned-out heart that engages the culture with care and is faithful and intentional in relationships;
  • Ways to bear Kingdom fruit even (especially!) in challenging times. In a time of rapid and discontinuous change.

Daniel calls us to remember who and whose we are. As his life reminds us, exile is often (if not always) the place where we are called to do our deepest work on self. It is the place where we come home to self and Source anew and know the purpose to which we are called.

This six week study will next be offered Fall 2018.