And Abide!

When you abide you make a home in the place. You linger, and its reality shapes yours. If you abide in a nonmaterial abode, such as God, or the Word, or darkness or light, you are immersed in its real presence: you “inhale” it and it becomes part of you.  Dallas Willard, philosopher

More and more these days, we seem to dwell in a society that is driven by fear.  The anxiety that drives many leaders and institutions underscores the need to regularly set aside time to connect soul with Source.  Our outward behaviors reflect our inner disposition.  Time apart is essential if we are to serve with energy, intelligence, imagination and love.  Poets & Prophets understand that time apart to dwell is never a mere retreat from action.

Dwelling soul with Source ultimately moves us outward to care of our neighbor and planet.    As Joan Chittister, one of the great contemplative activists the 20th and 21st centuries, writes: Dwelling “is a very dangerous activity. It not only brings us face to face with God. It brings us, as well, face to face with the world, face to face with the self. And then, of course, something must be done. Nothing stays the same once we have found the God within. We carry the world in our hearts: the oppression of all peoples, the suffering of our friends, the burdens of our enemies, the raping of the Earth, the hunger of the starving, the joy of every laughing child.”

The gift of taking time to let go and simply be is that we are come to deepen our capacity for leadership.  When we step back from the frenzy of activity that drives so much of our lives, we are afforded the opportunity to choose a way of being that is not only sustainable, but leads to the flourishing of people and planet.

Poets & Prophets offers two particular ways of dwelling: