What is Formational Coaching? And, how does it differ from other forms of executivecoaching? Formational Coaching explores the relationship between your spiritual formationand your leadership. It’s been said that the whole leader calls for the whole person.

As leaders we are committed to developing mentally, physically, and emotionally. But, what of our souls? Connecting soul with Source, for the sake of our leadership, calls for intentionality.

Formational Coaching involves exploration, practice, and taking concrete actions around spiritually growing up and waking up. It helps you connect your soul, with your leadership.

Formational coaching focuses on five key ingredients:

  • Core Identity: Connecting with Source
  • Character: Testing and Discerning
  • Call to Engagement and Action
  • Competence: Becoming Fully Alive
  • Community, for the flourishing of people and planet!

Receive the invitation to become fully alive for the sake of your leadership and the care of people and planet.

In the words of mystic Howard Thurman:

Don’t ask what the world wants.
Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.
For what the world needs is people who have come alive!

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