A Community of Practice – Online and In Person

You must give birth to your images. They are the future waiting to be born… fear not the strangeness you feel. The future must enter into you long before it happens… Just wait for the birth… for the hour of new clarity. Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet, Letter #3

As a community of practice, we gather virtually and in person to nurture the conditions by which a new story of people and planet can emerge.  Through the pages of this site, you are invited to explore how an ancient rhythm of hospitality–a rhythm that daily welcomes, restores, dwells and sends, individually and collectively–might inform your life and leadership.  As a leader, you must give birth to your images!

The Welcome! pages provide the why, who, and how of Poets & Prophets.  Understanding a bit about the ancient practice of hospitality might be helpful here.  One Greek word, xenos, captures the power and paradox of the practice.  The word often translated as stranger, also means guest and host. This single word signals the essential mutuality that is at the heart of hospitality. Think of the English language’s use of xenos: philoxenia (a love of guest or stranger) and xenophobia (fear of the stranger).   We do well to greet the stranger within ourselves, in preparation for serving as host and being received as guest.  So, please sign on and join us!

In the Restore pages, you will find resources for reclaiming a rhythm for your life that balances stress and renewal.  Practices are offered to nurture you body, mind, and soul. As leaders committed to the flourishing of people and planet, who approach our work with a deep-rooted sense of call, stress must be balanced by renewal; for that we need the gift of being restored.

The Dwell pages provide invitation for going deeper.  Both in-person pilgrimages and online retreats are offered.  Growing up into spiritual maturity will only come through the intentional commitment to spiritually growing up and waking up.   When a leader loses his or her soul, it is costly to retrieve.  As leaders, we have a responsibility to be attentive to the care of our souls.  Until (and unless), we attend to the care of soul, the spiritual transformation of our teams, organizations, and community will remain impossible.  This requires a willingness to dwell deeply.

The Send pages provide one-day equipping opportunities for you and your team, as well as spiritual nurture for the Poet & Prophet within, through the weekly offering of soul & Source, monthly Practices for Poets & Prophets, and special invitations along the way (only) for those who subscribe.  In the fiber of our being is the desire to make a difference—the yearning to bear healing and transformation—into the life of individual, community and world.  Poets & Prophets is here to support you in connecting soul with Source for the flourishing of community!