Even before our world moved virtual, Poets & Prophets understood the value of online journeys as a way of intertwining spiritual formation and change leadership.  As a global community, these online journeys keep us connected.  We are thrilled to partner with LeaderWise and SoulEngineering in providing these opportunities to nurture and deepen the soul of our leadership.


FALL 2020

Wise Leadership

Mark Sundby

When all is boiled down, what do most of us want in their leaders? Wisdom. It cuts across time, place, and culture. Major spiritual traditions from across the globe have “a wisdom literature” which lies beneath their unique belief systems and ties them all together. In this journey, we will consider the importance of becoming a wise leader by touching upon a wide variety of sources, including ancient philosophers, contemporary thinkers, and the research findings of psychologists and neuroscientists.

Renewing Leadership 

Deborah Rundlett & Okokon Udo

Now more than ever, organizations without solid leadership will find themselves struggling to stay on track, focused and relevant. Through Renewing Leadership, you will develop:

  • increased alignment
  • enhanced innovation
  • more effective use of time and resources
  • improved motivation and teamwork, and
  • deepened trust.

Wisdom Circle

Mary Kay DuChene & Deborah Rundlett

It has been said that Covid-19 changes everything.  And now, George Floyd’s brutal death.  

As leaders, how will we exercise leadership in the midst of our country’s unraveling? Without justice, there can be no healing.  Without solidarity, there is no movement forward.

We are at a choice point.   The question is will we choose life that we and our descendants may live?


Unmasking: Beginning the Journey

Okokon Udo

Learn about  a journey of social action and personal transformation. As Okokon explains, we all learned to wear masks as a way to function in the world, which once served a purpose but now hold us back… 

Engaging Power for the Common Good

Mary Kay DuChene

Explore what it means to own and engage our power, so that we might harness it with intention. Join her on a journey beyond achievement and success to a stance in which power comes from your inner core that you might lead from your soul. 

The Beloved Community

Anita Howard and Deborah Rundlett

What does it mean to be community?  In the midst of crisis and upheaval, the structure of community is being challenged and forged anew.  This journey will explore the what it means to be the beloved community.  Together, we will explore the ancient practice of hospitality as an antidote to fear and engage the practice of welcoming the stranger.

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