People go on pilgrimage for many reasons. Some common ones are: to visit a sacred space; to seek healing; to give thanks; to heed an inner sense of call; to reclaim a lost or abandoned part of oneself. 

Poets & Prophets go on pilgrimage to connect with the soul of community. While on pilgrimage, we engage a cycle of action and reflection for the care of people and planet.  We live in a crucial season where our choices will have impact for generations to come. Our present zeitgeist presses for the creation of a new kind of community that nurtures spiritual maturity, while also addressing the 21st century leadership challenge of leading change toward the flourishing of the one and the whole.  Our acts of love and social action reflect an understanding that our individual and collective flourishing are inter-dependent; we thrive together or not at all.

A Social Action Pilgrimage

A Time to Reflect and Remember

Minneapolis | October 9, 2021 (virtually and in person)

Co-hosted by Poets & Prophets, SoulEngineering, LLC, and LeaderWise

Guides: Deborah Rundlett, with Mary Kay Du Chene, Mark Sundby, and Okokon Udo

Love and justice are not two.
Without inner change,
there can be no outer change;
without collective change, no change matters.

rev. angel Kyodo williams

George Floyd’s death will forever be imprinted on our consciousness. Living forward, how will we connect with community through collaborative social action? This pilgrimage is an opportunity to reconnect with the soul of your community, bringing together prosocial leaders committed to addressing systemic issues that block life-giving change. How are you being called to participate in the flow of energy across your community toward deep generative leadership and impactful social action for the flourishing people and planet? The press for social responsibility calls for the nurture of new, yet ancient leadership capacities. Across time, poets and prophets have emerged in times of crisis helping to cross over to the new.

Details will be available June 2021.

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