Whether you participate in our immersions, online retreats or formational 1:1 coaching, you can always expect we will explore, practice, take action and measure impact around these elements of self and the greater whole.

We live in a crucial season where our choices will have impact for generations to come. Our present zeitgeist presses for the creation of a new kind of community that nurtures spiritual maturity, while also addressing the 21st century leadership challenge of leading change toward the flourishing of community. Whether working 1:1, online, or an immersion, our learning community is committed to nurturing the Poet & Prophet within.

“With coaching, you will create an ecosystem for change to occur.”

Michele King, Founder, Shelle Design

“It is a joy to participate in this leadership training.”

J. Christopher Burt, Financial Advisor, The Burt Group, Morgan Stanley

“Transformational leadership must  begin with the personal transformation of  each leader.”

Betty Meadows, artist

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