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Beyond: A Learning Journey

We are in a time of extreme re-creation, due to the pandemic, economic insecurity, and heightened realizations about how race has long been systematized in our society.  Beyond where we are now, how are you and your circle being called to care for the soul of your leadership that you might care for the soul of your community?  How will you build the resilience and capacity needed for that which is being re-created now, in this time of extreme re-creation?

Deep down, we have known for some time that improving our current ministries is not enough.  We must dare to engage our own patterns of resistance so that we might reclaim the care of souls.  The gift of the great pause is that it affords us opportunity to suspend, unbundle and remix.   

Drawing from wisdom and practices of the early wisdom traditions, along with best practices tied to the flourishing of community, our learning journey will explore what it means to be, belong, and become as we are transformed anew in this time and place.

The Art & Soul of Re-Creation

         Culture: from the Latin cultus, care.

What does it mean to be wise in a rapidly changing culture?  As leaders, we are being called anew to name our places of resistance, reclaim our core identity, find the courage to disrupt systems at a rate they can stand, and risk vulnerability as we love, listen, and learn, so that we might lead (in our workplaces and in our communities).

This four-month learning community is intended for leaders and their circles (we recommend  five to eight leaders, but three works as well), committed to valuing and fostering personal and social transformation within self, congregation, and community.  This journey provides the same space in which to hold oneself and others responsible for the work beyond church as we have known it.

Our fourfold focus seeks to honor the shared wisdom, intelligence, and creativity toward embracing our changing culture with care.

Nov 4 The Soul of Leadership Love: What does your soul have to say? Naming our places of resistance takes courage, commitment, and vulnerability

Dec 2 The Soul of Community Listen: What is your community trying to tell you? How do you belong to your community?

Jan Pause & Play Weekly Reflections and Practices offered.

Feb 3 Building Resilience Learn: What practices and skills need to be developed, on personal, workplace, and community levels?

Mar 3 Building Capacity Lead: What does it mean to fully engage? Identifying the thresholds you must cross

This cohort is offered in conjunction with the Pilgrimage to Remember & Reflect: Social Action to Connect Head, Heart and Mind, co sponsored by LeaderWise, Poets & Prophets, and SoulEngineering.  But, you are welcome to join us even if you were unable to attend the Pilgrimage. To learn more about the Pilgrimage:; and

Gift yourself with this time apart.   Gather a circle of five colleagues and join others from across the country as we look beyond to the art and soul of re-creation.

Details: First Thursdays, 4-6pm, CDT (5-7pm, EST).  Cost: $500/circle.   

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