The Formational Journey: An Introduction

Led by Deborah Rundlett, Founder

This online retreat is not about adding one more thing to your already over-booked schedule. It is about helping you deepen your connection with Source for the sake of your life and leadership. Over the four weeks of the online retreat, you will be invited to interweave reflection and practice as you ponder your soul’s journey and your call to lead.

Week 1: Reclaiming Core

How does who we are inform what we do? There is a tendency in challenging times to look for answers outside of ourselves, when way forward resides within. This first week lays the foundation for our learning journey through introduction to the formational set and intentional change.

Week 2: Transformed Degree by Degree

What are the barriers that stand in the way of your living out of your core? What are the consequences of your choices? In this time of rapid and discontinuous change, how might the intersection of ideal and real be transformed for the flourishing of community?

Week 3: Call = Passion + Strength + Need

When we dare to hold the tension of the ideal and the real, a third way begins to emerge. A way that honors passion and strength in response to need. We are not called to give what we don’t have. Strength-based leadership, deep engagement, and a heart for people and planet are the means by which call emerges and is lived.

Week 4: Nurturing the Poet & Prophet Toward Flourishing

The press for social responsibility calls for the nurture of new, yet ancient leadership capacities.

Across time, poets and prophets have emerged in times of crisis helping to cross over to the new, with intentionality and commitment for the care of people and planet Understanding our inter-dependence, what might it look like for you to serve as poet and prophet in our context?

How it works: You will receive an email each Saturday. Each email will feature a written reflection, questions to ponder, and a practice to deepen your journey.

Dates: Fridays, March 20, 27, April 3, 10, 2020 | Cost: $40 USD

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