Photo: On Cape Cod lookig out over Cape Cod Bay

Living the Active Life Contemplatively

Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.

The Message

Stress and renewal—it is the rhythm of our lives, except that the stressors seem to outpace the renewal these days.  Any serious athlete understands the importance of balancing rigorous training with adequate time for recovery.  Balancing care of self with care of others is essential; the one supports the other. The challenge is that most of us live in a chronic state of burn-out that leaves us perpetually drained and depleted.

Learning the unforced rhythms of grace involves intentionality, both in rhythm and practice.   Core practices, like mindfulness, compassion, hope, and play provide the means for living the active life contemplatively.  Such practices daily renew us in the midst of the stress, allowing us to serve in the supply of the Spirit.   While paradoxical, life is about managing polarities and honoring opposites: time together with time apart; work with play. Ultimately, it is honoring the iterative movement of being and doing.  Remember over-functioning and under-functioning are always anxious responses that diminish our capacity to serve with energy, intelligence, imagination and love.

But, what does living the active life contemplatively look like? It begins with embracing a fourfold rhythm of welcoming, restoring, dwelling, sending.  A rhythm supported by practices that honor the need to care for the whole person, understanding that our spiritual wholeness is intimately linked to the wholeness of people and planet.

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