Photo: Ludd Lorentz

Growing Up & Waking Up!

Building the new is a fundamentally different task than fixing the old. David Cooperrider

The power to engage and lead change cannot be fully grasped apart from the spiritual journey. Research shows that the journey of growing up and waking up in Christ parallels the journey of leading intentional change for the flourishing of our communities.

Only as we grow up into spiritual maturity and awaken to a deepened relationship with the Triune God are we prepared to to respond to the call to build the new. No longer can we continue to to fix the old, hoping it will be sufficient.

This three day pilgrimage explores the spiritual formation of leaders as it informs leading intentional change in response to God’s call to live resurrection with passion and partnership in a changing world.


We live in a threshold time, rich with missional possibility, even amidst the uncertainty. For such a time as this, we have been called to serve with energy, intelligence, imagination and love!

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