The Leader as Poet & Prophet

Three Questions of 12th century Chartres for 21st century Leaders

  1. How can we, through connection with Source, heal the soul?
  2. How can we, working with the earth, heal our planet?
  3. How can we, through communion, heal the body social?

The Summons.  Do you feel it?  Are you haunted by an inescapable sense that you need to respond?  That you can no longer remain silent?  Most likely the feeling has been building for a while now, born of a growing sense of disquiet: over the social, ecological, and spiritual divides.

Many bemoan that we have lost our way.  Others try to pinpoint when: blaming a particular administration, the subprime crisis, the refugee crisis, wars that rip us asunder across the globe.   Still others are pulling back to look at five hundred year cycles.  For a number of years now, there have been conversations pressing toward seeking the Shalom of our communities; toward a triple bottom line of people, planet, and prosperity.  The argument in response: Idealistic, but not really possible.  Good in theory, not reality.  All the while, the Summons deepens.

For such a time as this, we have been called to join the dance of action and reflection.  The Summons is a journey that calls us to nurture the poet and prophet within toward the Shalom of our communities.   It seeks not perfection, but wholeness.  It calls us to care for people and planet even while attending to profit: a triple bottom line.

Over the course of this three day pilgrimage, we will explore the:

  • Context of Exile
  • Competencies of Poet & Prophet
  • Call to Seek Shalom
  • Core Identity of People & Planet
  • Character Transformed
  • Community born of Building the New
  • Conflict in which lies the Leaven of Life
  • Complexity: Finding Simplicity

All toward the flourishing of community!

Will you heed the Summons?