You have capacities within you that are phenomenal, if you only knew how to release them. David Bohm, physicist & philosopher

Poets & Prophets is a community of practice that understands that leaders need to connect soul with Source for the flourishing of our communities.  The paradox of our present context is that it provides invitation to intertwine the inner and outward journey.  It is then that healing of body, mind and soul becomes possible and the flourishing of community is made real.

As a community of practice, Poets & Prophets nurtures the poet and prophet within toward the transformation of our communities.   We seek not perfection, but wholeness.  Our call is to care for people and planet even while attending to bottom line profit: a triple bottom line.

Connecting soul with Source involves both an inward and outward journey.  It involves commitment to a Shared Rhythm of Life, in which we stay connected through Seasonal Online Retreats, and gather for an Annual Pilgrimage.