When you don’t know what you believe in, you don’t know who you are. You have no idea why you’re here. You can’t see where you’re going… Leaders with soul bring spirit… Leaders with spirit find their souls treasure store and offer its gifts to others. Bolman and Deal

We are Poets & Prophets

who seek to lead with Soul.  We come from all walks of life. The worlds of business, law, and medicine. The arts and sports. The academy and the institute.  We are leaders committed to the flourishing of the community. We hunger to connect soul with Source for the wholeness of people and planet.  Together, we are committed to nurturing the competencies of poet and prophet in ourselves, in our workplaces, in our homes, and in our communities. In a time when many voices speak on a superficial level, as poets we dare to articulate the pain and questioning born of our present experiences of alienation and dislocation. Many voices compete for our allegiance.

As Poets, we are committed to weaving together the disparate (and often, dissonant) voices into a rich tapestry of story and meaning that neither reduces nor eliminates tensions, but rather nurtures exploration of collective possibility.  Out of this collective possibility, we are empowered to address the prophetic challenge of our times.  Pain has the potential to open the door to deep change.  As Prophets, we are called to name dehumanizing policies and structures, as well as introduce new practices that nurture community. These practices involve surrendering old ways of being that the new might emerge.

We seek to empower our respective communities to reside in the liminality of our time. Rather than avoiding or minimizing differences, we realize that deep, adaptive change will not come apart from challenge: of our structures, of our processes, of our very understanding of community.